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stamp eyebrows
stamp eyebrows
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Specification of stamp eyebrows


Shezi Original Product

Eyebrow Stamp Specially Designed For The Lazy Wear Lip Pencil Drawing Alias Karna eventually Blush, Blush order Now Designed Stamp Gak Also Ribet Not Spend Much Time On Blush, Blush Stamp Stamp Only Need 5 Seconds Jump Ready ..
Also Alis Suitable Banget Stamp Nich Yang Gak Create Smart Wear Blush Blush Stamp Can Use Direct So Without Ribet Without Menor ..

Without complicated gorgeous Without Having gradually Drawing Eyebrow, Already It Waterproof Again ♡♡♡
There are three color options:
- 01 Deep Brown
- 02 Light Brown
- 03 Gray

FREE 2 Molds

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