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Did you know, milk is not only nutritious for the body when drunk.
There have been many salons or beauty treatments that use milk as one of the ingredients in their type of care.
Milk has also been widely used as one of the ingredients used in beauty care products or cosmetics are widely circulated in the store.

Lactic acid in milk has the property to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells that will replace the damaged skin layer.
The dead skin cells that accumulate block the formation of new cells on the skin.
Thus the skin is always awake freshness and smoothness and always look clean.
Milk contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).
Removing dead skin cells on the skin is one of the AHA functions for the skin.

Some of the benefits of milk for the face
1. Skin regeneration
2. Whiten skin
3. Face Skin Tightening
4. As Anti Aging
5. Overcoming Oily Skin
6. Minimize Pores
7. Lifting Dead Skin Cells
8. Smooth the Skin
9. Treating Acne

SHAQUEENA now comes with facial treatments containing MILK ...

1 package consists of:
"Milky Day Cream
"Lightening Milky Night Cream
"Calming Cream
"Lightening Milky Facial Wash
"Toner Cooling

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