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Medicines Beauty Pynocare White
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Specification of Medicines Beauty Pynocare White

product specifications:

face treatment

per january 2017 white pynocare prices will rise, which wants the entire stock now please

Drug Categories Beauty Pynocare White
Information :
A Product That Can Reduce Dark Spots Simultaneously Whiten Skin.
With The Complete formulation containing MSCC Complexm, Lucent- PM Dan Lycoskinm Who Owns Skin Pigmentation Activities Solving, Creating a Brighter Skin Looks So Natural White, Maintain Skin Moisture And Protects Skin From Sun Exposure.
Just Drink In Continuous 2 times a day 1 capsule For Use 8-12 Sunday.

1. MSCC Complex 520Mg
- French Mariime Pine Bank Extract 40mg
- Vitamin E 15 UI
- Vitamin C 60mg
-D. Salina Extract 20mg
2. Lycoskyn 25mg
3. The Lucent-P 15mg

- Troubleshooting Spt Skin Pigmentation Melasma
- Spots / Stains Black, Sunburn On The Face Live Dr In And Roots
- Make Your Skin Brighter And Looks Natural White
- Keeping Humidity And Protects Skin From Sun Exposure.

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