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Specification of msi ion silver

Face Care


✔ Overcoming Acne (quickly)
✔ Helps Eliminate Acne Scars
✔ Helps Overcome oily skin
✔ Troubleshooting Dull skin becomes brighter
✔ Help remove facial spots
✔ Maintain skin moisture
✔ Helps Heal Herpes
✔ Effectively helps to shrink facial pores
✔ Helps reduce wrinkles lines
✔ Able to maintain healthy hair
✔ Reduce the irritation of chemical treatment cream
✔ Helps make the face more soft and supple
✔ Helps heal lips because of allergic lipstick
✔ Helps overcome the prickly heat (child & adult)
✔ Helps tighten facial skin
✔ Able to provide protection from the sun
✔ Disguise the eyes of the panda
✔ Helps reduce eye minus and cataracts
✔ Reduce skin inflammation
✔ Gives a fresh skin effect
✔ Helps prevent premature aging
✔ Works as an anti oxidant source
✔ Helpful eliminate whiteness and odor on miss V
✔ Able to cure tomcat bites
✔ Curing Sprue Pain
✔ Curing toothache pain
✔ Helps heal Kadas
✔ Accelerate healing of swollen bee stings
✔ Heals allergic bumps and bumps
✔ Healing the Biduran
✔ Reduce baby's diaper rash
✔ Able to reduce underarm odor
✔ Eliminate the foot odor
✔ Helps to eliminate bad breath
✔ Helpful to cure sore throat
✔ Prevents blister and heat when burns occur
✔ Heals Sayat Wounds and Torns due to sharp objects / accidents.
✔ Curing a Toothache
✔ Healing the ulcer and diarrhea (poisoning)

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