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Strawberry Peel OFF Mask
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Specification of Strawberry Peel OFF Mask

Peel off mask is a mask worn on the skin of the face and then dikelupas back when dry. Masks like this quite effective lifting dead skin cells, jrawat, blackheads, dry the excrement skin, unwanted facial hair, fix the color and texture of the skin. Peel off mask more damming regular mask rather than facial skin. Because other than lifting dead skin cells, these type of masks also nourishes the skin of the face. Strawberry mask function + vitamin c, so cocok to whiten and soothes skin (WHITENING, ANTI AGING, ANTI OXIDANT) Counteract radiation UV rays cause damage to skin cells Helps eliminate black flecks Soften skin Help raise the dead skin cells Smoothen the flow of blood Delaying the process of premature aging Protect the skin from the danger of free radicals Reduce damage to skin cells Menjadikankan skin healthy, clean, and fresh throughout the day. Cara pake: 1. use the first magical liquid Peeling Aira DeeV @ 2. Timeout

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