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Masks Green Tea Acne
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Specification of Masks Green Tea Acne

Now we provide a special green tea masks for facial care. Usefulness and usability of traditional green tea mask are: Dry Up Acne Helps eliminate black flecks Soften skin Help raise the dead skin cells Reduce damage to skin cells Menjadikankan skin healthy, clean, and fresh throughout the day. How to use face masks are good and true are: Mix the powder with warm water mask/rose water/honey Stir into the pasta The pertthe AMA method of discharging a good face mask is a clean face with a facial cleanser or toner while in a small massage done to open the pores of the skin Apply a mask that has become a paste on the face massaging movements so that the texture of the oatmeal will mengeksfoliasi dead layers of skin on the face Let stand for approximately 15 minutes until dry ato Rinse with warm water and use a serum To get optimal results, perform this maintenance on a regular basis for a minimum of two CAL

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