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Specification of lotion srub Airadeeva

body care

Take care of your skin moisture in any weather ...

Treat it with ...
Airadeeva Whitening Lotion
Scrub Sugar Body Airadeeva

Lotion Whitening Airadeeva
Made from natural ingredients without preservatives.
Function to:
Smooth skin enriched vitamin E content
Brighten the skin
Returns striped skin color ...

Scrub Sugar Body Airadeeva ...
Scrub with sugar granules that provide a soft but deep skin exfoliation with essential oils that aroma can make baths become more qualified.
Make the body more rilex, vibrant, strengthening, and soothing

- Eliminate the foot (dirt on the top layer of skin) that can not be removed only with regular bath soap
-Contains extract bengkoang which serves to brighten and as a vitamin of skin vitamins
- Contains olive oil / olive ORIGINAL
-The use of this scrub more feels chewy on skin.
-Clean black axilla
- Disguise, even eliminate
Cellulite / black spots on the skin
- Results will be more perfect if included with Lotion Whitening Airadeeva

How to Use Scrub:
-Basahi Agency
-Take Scrub and rub it all over the body
- Rinse with water
- No need to use bath soap again because scrub already contain antiseptic.

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