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body care

Guaranteed ORIGINAL products, so do not ask anymore.
1. double HOLO + HOLO BIN
2. Hologram silver honeycomb
3. Gold hologram if drawn written void
4. The writing of his crystal-x emboss (embossed)
5. There is an expired date
6. there is a MUI logo
7. There is a laser print behind the packaging
8. the latest features, the star-studded box (silahakn check drawn)
9. pokoke 100% original
10. can be brochure (do not ask brochure mulu, hihi)

Natural Crystal X is made from natural minerals that help kill bacteria, viruses and germs in your miss V.
REG. IDM000245253 - POM NA 18151600018
And eliminate odor, combined with antiseptic substances from:
Betel leaf u / heal infections & irritation, seaweed u / provide nutrition, there is epithelial tissue in the cavity of miss V & viniel substance from dragon bead leaf which will flex & close your miss V.

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