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Cream Fleck Medium
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Specification of Cream Fleck Medium

Product Specifications: 

Category Cream Fleck Medium 
Description : 
Sales Price : Rp.330.000, 00 
Specifications : 
Perfect Blend Of Lightening Creams And Mosturizer Who Work With Dual Action Camouflage Spots / Black Spots On The Face, As Well As The Effects Of Premature Aging Caused By Exposure To UV Rays Also Help Care For The Skin Moist So Evenly Face Look Brighter, Smoother, Softer And Look Pretty Stunning. 
How To Use : 
Morning: Cleansing Soap + Cream + + Cream Spots Aira Morning Deev @ 
Night: Cleansing Soap + Toner + Plus (Shake First) + Apply Cream Spots Flat Face And Neck, If There Is Inflammation Of The Face (Face Trasa Tight, Stinging, Burning) Due To The Peeling Process Is Going On. 
No Need To Panic, Just Apply Tipis2 Irritation Only Place That Trasa Sore, And Stop Using The Toner For 2 Days Only. After 2 Days Of Using The Toner. Results Will Appear After Regular Use. 
Warning: * This Product Contains AHA, Interchangeable Increase Skin Sensitivity To Sunlight, And Particularly The Possibility Of Sunburn. Always Use Sunscreen Aira Deev @ Every 3 Hours If You Are Outdoors. * This Product Is Not For Long-Term Care, Only Use A Maximum Of 3 Months. * Store In A Tightly Closed Container At A Temperature Of 15-25 Degrees Celsius

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